XanaduART Gallery
XanaduART Gallery

Installation view - Artist Batzorig Dugarsuren
Installation view, Artist Batzorig Dugarsuren
“O Fortuna!” Oil on canvas 150×300 cm Year: 2005 - Artits Dorjderem Davaa
“O Fortuna!” Oil on canvas, 150×300 cm, Year: 2005, Artits Dorjderem Davaa
Message 7 Oil on canvas 100x120 cm, Artist Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai
"Message 7" Oil on canvas. 100x120 cm,
Artist Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai
"Portrait" Oil on canvas, 50x70 cm, Artist Badral Bold
"Portrait" Oil on canvas, 50x70 cm, Artist Badral Bold

Mongolian Art


Established in 2006, XanaduART gallery became the first commercial art gallery in Mongolia with a continuous exhibition schedule in a permanent space. The gallery has organized and curated exhibitions for a wide range of Mongolian contemporary artists, both established and emerging, working in painting, sculpture, photography, video, installation, performance and new media. In particular, XanaduART seeks to promote talented emerging artists, who have the potential to stimulate dialogue and influence discourse in the contemporary art world. In addition to organizing exhibitions, the gallery supports an artist studio program, which invites new talents to work at the studio space run by XanaduART; this initiative creates opportunities for artists to express themselves without being restricted by spatial or financial concerns.

Mongolia is home to a vibrant contemporary art scene with a wealth of untapped talent and original ideas. Mongolia’s diverse heritage and rich history contribute to an interesting mix of influences and styles, ranging from cave paintings to Buddhist tangkhas to socialist realism to land art. In recent years, works by Mongolian artists began to develop a global reputation, catching the attention of international curators and collectors. For instance, in recent years artists represented by XanaduART gallery have participated in the Guangzhou Triennial 2008, won the People’s Choice Award from the Signature Art Prize 2008 by the Singapore Art Museum and held international solo shows around the world. Mongolia is the new hotspot of international contemporary art, and XanaduART gallery is committed to showcasing the most engaging works of art by its most interesting artists.

Website: xanaduartgallery.org

Badral Bold (Болдын Бадрал)

Batzorig Dugarsuren (Дугарсүрэнгийн Батзориг)

Dalkh-Ochir Yondonjunai (Ёндонжунайгийн Далх-Очир)

Dorjderem Davaa (Даваагийн Дорждэрэм)

Gerel Dzjind (Жиндийн Гэрэл)

Mashbat Sambuu (Самбуугийн Машбат)

Myadagmaa Tserenpil (Цэрэнпилийн Мядагмаа)

Orkhontuul Banzragch (Банзрагчийн Орхонтуул)

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